Inside Uebert Angel’s New PAP Job
21 July 2023
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By Brilliant Pongo | In a what has been viewed as a controversial move, Zimbabwean President Munagagwa has named Uebert Angel as an Ambassador of the African Union’s Pan African Parliament for Interfaith Dialogue and Humanitarian Affairs. The appointment has drawn criticism in some quarters that view the charismatic modern prophet as a unrepentant criminal.

Uebert Angel

Uebert Angel was entangled in the now infamous scandal dubbed the ‘Gold Mafia’ a documentary aired on Al Jazeera news which exposed the criminal activities involving illegal gold dealings.

“Just as people were getting to grips with the aftermath the Gold Mafia scandal, it looks as though, President Mnangagwa has rewarded Uebert Angel with another fancy post.” Said one commentator.

Uebert Angel is currently serving as Ambassador at large for Europe and the Americas, a role that seems to have been tailor made for him. It is yet unclear whether he will hold both posts or relinquish the other.

The leader and prophet of The Good News Church, has never been shy of controversy and has always been entangled in a web of scandals.

ZANU PF legal analysts say Uebert Angel has no diplomatic immunity like would be if he was a representative of a real Parliament, though technically in reality he appears an honourable, and the PAP itself on its website says:

“The aim of the Pan-African Parliament is to evolve into an institution with full legislative powers, whose members are elected by universal adult suffrage.”

This means that the PAP has no legislative powers at all; it is just a pressure group that affiliates itself to the AU.

Whatever the is, the reality is Uebert has crawled his way up the institutional opaquenees of the AU and assumed perceived continental power.

The Role:

Role of Interfaith Dialogue and Humanitarian Affairs in the African Union’s Pan African Parliament:
The African Union’s Pan African Parliament serves as a critical platform for fostering unity, peace, and development across the African continent. Within this parliamentary body, the two key pillars of interfaith dialogue and humanitarian affairs play pivotal roles in addressing various challenges faced by African nations.

Interfaith Dialogue:

In a continent as diverse as Africa, characterized by different cultures, religions, and traditions, interfaith dialogue becomes an essential component for promoting understanding, harmony, and cooperation. It encourages religious leaders and representatives from different faiths to come together to engage in constructive conversations, address common concerns, and find shared solutions to societal issues. By fostering tolerance and mutual respect, interfaith dialogue paves the way for peaceful coexistence and ensures that religion becomes a unifying force rather than a source of division.

Humanitarian Affairs:

Africa has been grappling with numerous humanitarian crises, including armed conflicts, natural disasters, and health emergencies. The Pan African Parliament’s focus on humanitarian affairs aims to coordinate efforts among African nations to respond effectively to these challenges. By providing a collaborative platform, the parliament endeavors to mobilize resources, coordinate aid, and implement humanitarian interventions to alleviate suffering and ensure the well-being of affected communities.
Leadership of the Pan African Parliament:
The Pan African Parliament is led by a President, who is elected from among its members. Hon. Senator. Chief Fortune Charumbira from Zimbabwe is the current president of the Pan-African Parliament (PAP)

Allegations of Sexual Abuse and Other Crimes:

In a shocking twist, both Uebert Angel and Chief Fortune Charumbira have been embroiled in controversies involving serious allegations, including sexual abuse, among other crimes.
Uebert Angel, the charismatic leader and prophet of The Good News Church, has been under the spotlight for his alleged involvement in the Gold Mafia scandal, which exposed criminal activities related to illegal gold dealings. Despite his philanthropic work, questions remain about his suitability for such a high-profile diplomatic post in the Pan African Parliament, especially in light of these unresolved accusations.
Similarly, Chief Fortune Charumbira, who currently leads the Pan African Parliament, has faced his own share of scandals. He was implicated in a sexual harassment case after an audio recording emerged, where a woman claiming to be his niece accused him of harassment. The unsettling revelations surrounding Charumbira have cast a shadow over the Parliament’s leadership and left many questioning the credibility and integrity of these two members.

Effectiveness as a Power Body or Organization:

The effectiveness of the Pan African Parliament as a power body or organization has been a subject of debate and scrutiny. While it holds the potential to address critical issue.