Raymond Makunde Attacks More Victims Despite Previous Investigations
24 July 2023
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By Investigative Correspondent | Dubious businessman Raymond Makunde, a notorious scammer and deceptive businessman, has been found to have operated in the UK for over three years, despite being known to the banking systems for his fraudulent activities. Makunde, who promises non-existent products and services, has been using multiple identities to deceive unsuspecting victims and execute his scams successfully.

The investigation into Makunde’s deceptive operations has been extensively covered in the news, highlighting the suspicious nature of his transactions and the ease with which he has managed to obtain incoming payments for non-existent goods. The question of how the banks allowed him to run accounts for such shady and opaque trades remains a mystery.

Callers on a live program on 2 July 2023 offloaded their complaints (see live video at 43:50 https://fb.watch/mbDfjB_q0P/ )

Back in 2020, Makunde’s dual identities were exposed during investigations in both the UK and South Africa, leading to the opening of several police cases. In South Africa, he was known as Raymond Makunae, while in the UK, he masqueraded as Raymond Makunde. The revelation of his multiple identities raised alarm bells about the extent of his fraudulent activities.

Raymond Makunde’s other identity document

ZimEye published details of Makunde’s bank statements for his business, Bishop Logistics, which clearly indicated fraudulent transactions. In one instance, he received a credit of R104,000, and within days the entire account was emptied, raising suspicions of his involvement in illicit activities.

In early 2020, a police case was opened in South Africa by Mr. JJ Singh, a member of the C2C network group, accusing Makunde of theft under false pretenses and fraud. This case was related to a payment of R104,000 made to his company, Bishops Logistics Pty Limited (Bishops), with the promise of an equivalent payment to a UK-based supplier. However, the promised payment never materialized, leading to suspicions of Makunde’s involvement in the scam.

The bank statements from Bishops confirmed the receipt of the funds, and Makunde was involved in orchestrating the transaction, claiming it was intended to build a global community based on trust and integrity. However, it turned out to be another one of his elaborate scams.

It was not clear at the time of writing how British banks or at least their insurance companies have allowed Makunde to operate accounts and receive large unexplained un-invoiced lumpsums into his accounts. It was neither clear why the institutions were failing at the task of simply contacting journalists where they are not clear on this well known scammer of several years, and a comment was awaited at the time of writing.

Other bank accounts he uses are as follows:

Another Raymond Makunde bank account

The public is urged to remain vigilant and cautious while conducting transactions to avoid falling victim to similar scams.

Another Raymond Makunde bank account As the investigation unfolds, more details are expected to surface about Makunde’s vast network of deception, the number of victims he has defrauded, and the full extent of his criminal activities. Authorities are advising anyone who suspects they may have been victimized by Makunde to come forward and report their experiences to the relevant authorities.

Various efforts to get a comment from Makunde were fruitless as he did not pick up phone or reply messages.

The case of Raymond Makunde serves as a stark reminder of the importance of exercising caution and due diligence while conducting financial transactions, especially with individuals or entities who seem suspicious or too good to be true. – ARE YOU ALSO A VICTIM? CONTACT ZIMEYE NOW