Double Candidate Criminal Slaps Chamisa With Denial
5 August 2023
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Accused Double Candidate Criminal, Gibson Hwende, Refuses to Back Down, Sparks Controversy

By- Gibson Hwende, the accused Double Candidate Criminal who turned independent after being dropped by his party during Chiredzi Central Constituency nominations, has sparked controversy by refusing to back down from using the opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) symbols. The move has drawn the ire of CCC members and party leaders, who have reported the matter to higher authorities.

Chiredzi CCC cluster leader, Muchirairwa Mugidho, expressed her dismay at Hwende’s actions, stating, “Hwende wants to kill the CCC struggle, and we have taken the case to higher authorities.” The party leadership took the matter seriously, promising to investigate the allegations and take appropriate action.

However, Hwende staunchly defended his right to use the CCC party logo, even though he is running as an independent candidate. According to Hwende, he won the party’s nominations, securing nine out of 10 wards, while the officially imposed CCC candidate, Ropafadzo Makumire, only obtained six out of 10 wards. He believes that certain individuals with influence within the party imposed the candidate, leading him to run independently.

“I was selected by the citizens. I got overwhelming support from the majority of wards during the party’s nominations,” Hwende asserted, “certain individuals used their power to impose a candidate, but that doesn’t invalidate my legitimacy within the party.”

Political analysts have weighed in on the matter, criticizing Hwende’s decision to use the symbols of a political party he is not officially representing. They argue that it is misleading to the electorate, as many voters cast their ballots based on party affiliations and beliefs.

“For an independent candidate to use images and symbols of a political party they are not representing is tantamount to misleading the electorate,” remarked one political analyst. “Many voters vote for parties, and it is, therefore, like seeking or getting votes on false pretenses.”

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) has been urged to resolve the complaint made by CCC promptly. The election commission’s intervention is crucial in ensuring the electoral process remains fair and transparent.

Despite the controversy and criticism, Hwende remains steadfast in his stance and has no intentions of stepping back. He insists that he has not left CCC and will continue to contest against CCC’s Makumire and Zanu PF’s Francis Moyo in the upcoming elections.

The situation has heightened tensions in the Chiredzi Central Constituency, with citizens and political stakeholders closely monitoring the developments. As the election date approaches, the controversy surrounding Hwende’s use of CCC symbols adds further complexity to an already intense political landscape.