Tech-Driven Techniques Interior Decorators in Zimbabwe Should Know
6 August 2023
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Source: Pexels

Technology has undoubtedly brought about great improvements in all facets of life and industry. From medicine to engineering, tech has changed how things are done, and the interior design industry has not been left out. Technology has changed the way the interior design industry has vastly evolved, from regular practices to more modern styles.  

According to a report by Statista in 2020, 29% of consumers in the United States rated modern home décor styles favourably. If you are a Zimbabwean interior decorator, you could leverage the steps below to up your interior decor game.

Creative Solution to Wall Hangings 

Whilst the term ‘technology’ in the home may bring to mind computer screens, AI and sensors, there are many examples of basic tools like nails now having a modern solution. For example, the custom of hanging pictures and other decor items on nails is gradually phasing out. Not only can nails damage your walls and leave unsightly holes, but they can also be difficult to remove. Fortunately, one of the tech-driven alternatives that stands out for its convenience and smart look is the ability to mount hooks without nails. Mounting hooks without nails entails using adhesive strips to attach hooks to your walls, making them easy to install and remove without causing any damage. 

With these modern adhesive hooks and mounting strips, homeowners and decorators can now hang artwork, mirrors, and other decor items securely and without causing any damage. Thus, they are ideal for Zimbabwean homes where preserving the integrity of the walls is crucial.

Virtual Reality: Immersive Visualisation for Designers

Source: Pexels

Gone are the days when interior decorators had to rely solely on their imagination to envision a new design. Virtual reality (VR) has modernised how interior decoration is planned and executed. With VR, decorators and clients can virtually tour their potential interiors. 

You can even create a 3D model of your space and experiment with different colour schemes, designs, layouts, furniture arrangements, and decor elements without physically lifting a paintbrush or moving furniture around. This immersive visualisation allows you to see how your space will look before making any changes, saving you time and money in the process.

Smart Home Automation for Ultimate Convenience

Smart home technology is a booming industry that has revolutionised interior decoration. In a smart home, devices and appliances are conveniently set up to function automatically by remote control with your smartphone or any other internet-connected mobile device. 

For instance, you can control security access to your home and home theatre and switch on and off heating and lighting. By incorporating smart home devices and systems, interior spaces can be transformed into highly functional and efficient living environments. It also contributes to energy efficiency and promotes sustainable living practices as well. 

Little wonder the global smart home market was estimated to be between $86.48 billion and $91.30 billion in 2022. And the boom doesn’t end there. The market is predicted to grow significantly for years to come, with estimates ranging from $195.73 billion to $581.85 billion by 2030. What does this tell you? The world is fast embracing tech-driven techniques to better our lives, enjoy premium comfort and evolve.

As technology continues to evolve, so does the world of interior decoration. Zimbabwean interior decorators now have a plethora of tech-driven techniques at their disposal to create visually stunning and functional living spaces.

So, take that step to elevate home interiors to new heights and embrace the wonders of modern innovation. Feel free to explore the world of tech-driven interior decoration and embark on a journey of amazing creativity.