Zim Prophet Cheats Death After Being Attacked By Crocodile While Trying to Walk On Kariba Dam Water
8 August 2023
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By A Correspondent

The world might end anytime soon as false prophets are now emerging.

The Zimbabwean prophet Isaac Makomichi of Masvingo town is said to have been injured by a crocodile while he was performing a miracle of walking on water in a river near the Kariba Dam . It is said that security chased away a man with one eye who was accused of draining the power of the prophet.

The prophet was said to have been taken to hospital but he did not die.

A month ago, the prophet (Isaac Makomichi) wrote a letter to the government to give him permission to move the Kariba dam, however the government continued to accuse him of being a prophet used by Satan to confuse people with his extraordinary powers.

Many people say that their problems ended after Makomichi’s rituals

The prophet is said to be a specialist in solving love life issues using his so called “love portion” and many say that they were cured and enriched by Makomichi’s luck charms.

The prophet is said to be in the hospital where he is being treated for crocodile wounds. It is said that he first told people that if there is one eyed person, he/she should go away, but then the other one came wearing sunglasses, which made the prophet’s strength decrease until he was bitten on the leg by a crocodile while walking on water, even though some say that it is black magic powers.

“The situation was bad, we thank God that he is alive , I was there and I saw everything, I blame the one eyed guy because the seer said one eyed people are not allowed to witness the miracle. He did walk on water and I believe him to be a real man from God” said Tanaka who claimed he witnessed Makomichi’s 6 seconds walking on water miracle which ended in tears.

Meanwhile Isaac Makomichi’s spokesman said people can communicate with Makomichi via his number +263777469342 if they want to know more about why he blocked one-eyed people from witnessing his miracles.