Mystery Over Harare Central Fire
9 August 2023
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By A Correspondent| There is growing mystery surrounding the disappearance of over US$45 000 and burning of offices at the Harare Central Police Station after the three detectives accused of the offences distanced themselves from the crime scene.

Officer in charge CID Stores and Business Stanley Musekiwa was arrested and charged with theft and malicious damage to property together with his junior subordinates Takaidza Mugwisi and Masimba Gwasumba.

They are accused of faking a break-in of the exhibit office and stole US$45 500 before setting the room on fire.

Questions have however arose after the lawyers representing the trio challenged the investigating officer Lovemore Chifamba to prove how they are linked to the offence.

Musekiwa’s lawyer Admire Rubaya questioned the logic of the police to arrest his client who was not on duty when the offence occurred leaving out the detectives who were on duty and responsible for guarding the exhibit room in question.

It emerged a detective who was guarding the exhibit room left his point of guard after the generator had run out of fuel and went to sleep in the car before the alleged fire and theft.

Rubaya argued those who were on duty know about the money and who broke into the room and not the trio who were not on duty.

He questioned the criteria used in arresting people who were not at the scene, leaving out over five detectives who were on night duty and manning the burnt exhibit room.

The investigating officer also conceeded that as things stand, there is no direct evidence linking the trio to the offence as there is no CCTV footage or any witness placing them on the scene and that there is no one who saw them setting the room on fire or stealing the money.

He made a startling admission that the Harare central police station is not covered under closed circuit television notwithstanding the presence of cameras outside the charge office.

He said Musekiwa was being arrested because of his office as the officer in charge CID stores and business and being overally in charge of the exhibits.

He also conceded that when Musekiwa finished his duty on Saturday at 4 pm wherein a hand over take over was done and everything was intact.

The State alleges the trio took advantage of a power cut at the station and broke into the exhibit room and made way with the money and burnt the room.