FULL TEXT: Linda Masarira Refuses To Endorse Nelson Chamisa
10 August 2023
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I have been receiving pressure to endorse @nelsonchamisa for presidency in the forthcoming elections. Sadly, my conscience will never allow me to do that. Beyond me and my erstwhile Cde. brother being cooking oil and water in terms of politics, his religious fanaticism is a cause of concern for a person who wants to hold the highest office of the land.

I could never in my life time endorse a person who is a 3 in 1 of manipulation professions ie lawyer, pastor and politician. If one failed to build an institution at party level what guarantee is there that he will be able to manage an already existing government institution?

If one failed to ensure constitutionalism within the MDCT and has failed to furnish the world with his current party constitution, what guarantee do we have that he will be able to ensure constitutionalism. He even has a plan to change the people’s constitution to God knows what.

Change/shanduko can never be an ideology. I am one woman who firmly believes in ideology. Having ideological clarity has made me understand our political environment and what needs to be done to save Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe needs;

  • a unifier, a president who can unify all religions not shun African Traditional religion as demonic.
  • a states man who will serve all Zimbabweans regardless of race, tribe, religion, gender, social status, etc
  • a reformist par excellence who can abolish the current system we abolished from the Smith colonial regime
  • a Pan Afrikanist at heart, who will also partake in the one Africa agenda and stop the plundering and looting of our natural resources
  • a firm believer in strengthening local currency and building a trillion dollar economy

In conclusion, all these attrubutes do not exist in Chamisa. I will not vote for a populist with no direction. These are my thoughts and I am entitled to them.