ZEC Favours Mnangagwa On 2023 Presidential Ballot Paper
16 August 2023
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By A Correspondent| The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) has once again appeared to favor the Zanu PF candidate Emmerson Mnangagwa who occupies the top position on the second column of the presidential ballot paper despite being number 6 in terms of alphabetical order.

A leaked ballot paper shows that ZEC placed Mnangagwa who is number 6 out 11 in terms of alphabetical order had his name placed on top of the second column which has six names while the first column has five.

This was the case again in 2018 when ZEC placed Mnangagwa on top of the second column despite being number 15 of 23 candidates who were contesting for the presidential elections.

Popular Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) candidate Nelson Chamisa is on position two while National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) leader sits on position 5 at the bottom of the first column.

Meanwhile, Presidential spokesperson George Charamba posting using his Tinoedza Zvimwe Twitter account denied the authenticity of the circulating ballot.

“There is a phoney ballot paper showing wishful postal voting. It is fake, deep fake, evidenced by the picture used on the Zanu PF Presidential candidate which isn’t the one going to be used in this election,” said Charamba