CCC Namibia Rundu Branch Celebrates Anniversary In August Since Its Inception
18 August 2023
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18 August 2023

The Vibrant Branch was formed on the 25th of July and launched on the 10th of August 2019 at Rundu Junior Primary School in the local town. It was pioneered by ardent change advocates who felt that geographical location was never a political barrier for them to actively participate in the national discourse. Among these diligent revolutionaries were the interim chair Fidelis Goto, vice Causemore Chiweshe, Sg Leon Feya, Organ Simbarashe Ndoda, and Spokesperson Robson Ruhanya.

Despite what seemed to be a flop on the initial day, the determination doubled, and the number multiplied in the meeting held a week later. Change seekers showed great enthusiasm in prosecuting the national democratic revolution to its logical conclusion, targeting 2023 harmonized elections. It is quite exhilarating that Rundu Branch has achieved its goals as agreed on the day it was launched.

On the 10th of August 2019, the district council descended from the capital of Windhoek to grace the historic launch of an organic branch. We salute the interim district Chair Elisha Chambara alongside Tapiwa Tapshinda Mugore who made it easier for us to become part of the external assemblies that subscribe to the yellow revolution. Since its inception, the branch has been consistent in demanding freedom, justice, and equality in Zimbabwe. The organic branch has managed to contribute morally, materially, and financially to the national cause assisting the foot soldiers on the ground.

The Rundu branch celebrates its capability to do everything to win Zimbabwe for change. From formation, the leadership has been busy mobilizing, recruiting, and radicalizing desperate citizens in the diaspora for a complete change in a New Great Zimbabwe led by President Advocate Nelson Chamisa. As a branch, we are fortunate to have passionate leaders such as the interim chair Simbarashe Ndoda. His determination to see a transformed motherland is incredible. Right now citizens are geared to vote big, win big, and protect big!

Rundu Branch comprehends that August is a special month, it is a victory month! 23 August shall present to us the victory of our lives. As an external assembly, so far we have managed to offer solidarity in cash and kindness to some political prisoners who are caged on concocted charges such as Job Saro Wiwa Sikhala, etc. We know that ZANU-PF arbitrarily arrest and illegally convicts change champions as well as human rights defenders to put them on mute. Job Saro Wiwa Sikhala has been incarcerated since the 14th of June 2022 to date on frivolous charges, we demand justice for Wiwa and all prisoners of conscience.

Our commitment and dedication to vote big, win big, and defend big is a clear sign of the desire for good governance in Zimbabwe. Barely 4 days before the historic elections, Rundu Branch celebrates its capacity to contribute financially and materially towards polling agents in our twin, Uzumba. We have also managed to donate to six polling stations in Mudzi West through the Citizens Agents Platform. Our organic interim chairperson Simbarashe Ndoda and Sec General Lawrence Chiduku are busy mobilizing funds to support polling stations in red zones.

Apart from Uzumba and Mudzi West, Rundu Branch interim chair has paid heed to the revolutionary call for assistance in Gokwe, Zaka South Ward 20 only to mention but a few. The pragmatic branch is determined to participate in the National Democratic struggle until victory. On the 23rd of August, Rundu Branch shall be represented in various parts of the tea-pot-shaped country. It is now imperative to gear up for dangerous freedom against state repression.

The interim Secretary General, Lawrence Chiduku appreciated the extraordinary energy displayed by the great members of the Rundu branch. Citizens have sacrificed time and money for everyone. We have seen them subscribing every month to support the fight against the ZANU PF dictatorship in the fatherland. The Rundu branch demands free, fair, credible, and unfettered elections. We urge the regime to stop its capture of the state. Chitsunge murderers are out on bail but Job Saro Wiwa Sikhala has spent more than 365 days jailed at Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison. We shall continue to condemn this weaponization of the judiciary by the clueless, unpopular, and incompetent regime.

In a nutshell, we urge all change champions across the globe to go, vote big, and defend big. The people of Zimbabwe should not be deterred by politically inept Nick Mangwana. Defending the vote is our duty! We should make sure that polling agents are made available at every polling station. Roving agents must be always on alert. Citizens are tired of unemployment, gross abuse of human rights, looting, corruption, mineral smuggling, and nepotism. Those who are in the diaspora are victims of family disintegration, they deserve reintegration under the able leadership of the People’s President, Nelson Chamisa.

Let’s all vote against the senseless and barefaced corruption exhibited in the Gold Mafia. Let’s vote against politically motivated violence on the 23rd of August. We should do everything democratic and constitutional to win Zimbabwe for socio-economic transfiguration.







CCC Namibia Rundu Branch
Interim Spokes Robson Ruhanya