Security Guard Arrested for Theft at DHL
18 August 2023
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BULAWAYO, August 18, 2023 — In a shocking turn of events, a security guard based in Bulawayo has been apprehended by the local police for allegedly engaging in unlawful entry and theft at the DHL main offices situated in the city center. The accused, identified as Malvin Chimange, a 26-year-old resident of the Entumbane suburb, was employed as a security guard at the very same DHL offices where the incidents occurred.

Bulawayo police spokesperson, Inspector Abednico Ncube, confirmed the arrest and provided further details on the case. According to Insp Ncube’s statement, the accused, Chimange, reportedly carried out the illegal activities over a span of one month, from July 2023 to August 2023. During this period, Chimange allegedly employed unknown means to access the company’s restricted premises.

“During the period from 3 July 2023 up to 15 August 2023, the accused person was breaking into the offices using unknown means,” revealed Insp Ncube. “While inside, he was targeting cash from different offices. Firstly, he stole US$315-00 from the first office, the money was inside a drawer. He went on to the next office and took US$600-00. On another date, the accused person used the same style of breaking in and stole US$900-00 and ZAR 2 400-00 from another office.”

The breakthrough in the case came when the company reviewed CCTV footage on August 11, 2023. The footage allegedly showed Chimange stealing the money, leading to his subsequent arrest.

“On the 11th of August 2023, the CCTV footage was viewed and it showed the accused person stealing the money, leading to his arrest,” explained Insp Ncube. “A total value of US$1 815-00 and ZAR 2 400-00 was stolen, and USD 1 460-00 and ZAR 2 400-00 were recovered.”

As a result of this incident, local authorities are urging companies to remain vigilant against potential inside job crimes. Inspector Abednico Ncube emphasized the importance of companies taking additional measures to safeguard their premises against such actions.

“As police, we urge companies to guard against inside job crimes; clearly these crimes were committed by someone who was supposed to guard the premises,” stated Insp Ncube.

The accused, Malvin Chimange, is now facing charges related to unlawful entry and theft, and the case is set to be further investigated by the relevant authorities.

For now, this shocking incident serves as a reminder of the need for heightened security measures within workplaces to prevent similar occurrences in the future. The authorities are committed to maintaining the safety and integrity of businesses across the region.- state media