Mnangagwa Re-Appoints Kembo “Manyengavana” Mohadi As Vice President
8 September 2023
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By-President Emmerson Mnangagwa has re-appointed sex scandal Kembo Mohadi as one of his deputies.

This was two years after Mohadi was fired for having sexual relationships with his married female ladies.

But on Friday, Mnangagwa returned Mohadi unashamedly.

Constantino Chiwenga, who became the sole vice president following Mohadi’s exit in March 2021, also took his oath of office in front of Chief Justice Luke Malaba at State House.
Mnangagwa has been under pressure from the Zanu PF women’s league which has been lobbying for the elevation of a woman to the position.
Criticism of Mohadi’s re-appointment came from women’s groups, rights activists and the opposition.
“The presidium remains male-dominated with President Mnangagwa appointing Chiwenga and Mohadi as the vice presidents of Zimbabwe. More political will is needed to recognise the role of women’s leadership in nation building and development,” the Women’s Institute for Leadership Development (WILD) said.
Mohadi’s re-appointment “provides a window into the moral decadence that is emblematic of the kakistocracy in charge of Zimbabwe affairs,” said academic and media analyst Mthulisi Mathuthu.
Rights lawyer Doug Coltart wrote on X: “Any regime that consistently promotes and protects sexual predators, convicted rapists, and paedophiles should be opposed by all right-thinking people.”
A major ZimLive expose revealed how Mohadi used his office to lure several young women into having sex with him, sometimes at his government office.
He also pursued young women after offering to pay their college fees.
The scandal erupted after Mohadi was confronted by the husband of an intelligence officer who caught wind of his affair with his wife. The man also works for the Central Intelligence Organisation.
Mohadi resigned in shame, stating at the time: “I am taking the decision to step down as the vice president of Zimbabwe, to save the image of my government. My decision to relinquish the vice president post is also a way of respecting the citizens of this great nation, my party comrades, some of whom have been affected by the falsehoods and character assassination in the digital ecosystems.”
Despite his resignation, Mohadi maintained the perks of a vice president and was often seen with a blue lights escort. Leaked government papers also showed that the local government ministry was supplying him fuel to carry out Zanu PF campaign activities, including a countrywide tour visiting traditional leaders.
Citizens Coalition for Change activist Tapiwanashe Chiriga observed: “People who say Mohadi bounced back surprise me. Mohadi had all perks of a vice president and moved across the country on the state dime meeting traditional leaders. It was him who authored the August 23 election intimidation script.”
Speaking after he was sworn-in on Friday, Mohadi said: “I’m here to serve the nation. I’ve been serving the nation since the coming of the second republic and I will continue to do so. We’ve our own agenda that we have set for ourselves. We’ve a vision that we’re going to fulfill.”
Mnangagwa is expected to announce his cabinet next week after MPs and Senators were sworn in on Thursday.