Mnangagwa Uses Nevers Mumba’s Notorious GoldMafia Video To Destroy Chamisa At SADC
15 September 2023
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– Up to September, Chamisa’s party had been praising and even defending Mumba….

– Classifying critics of Mnangagwa as “sanctions criminals.” 

– Possible Way Out

By A Correspondent | ZANU PF President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s so called proxies in Zambian airspace have begun offloading bullets on Nelson Chamisa’s SADC case that says the ZANU PF leader rigged the 2023 elections, with a political party leader for KBF announcing saying, the SADC Election Observer Mission’s statement over Zimbabwe’s 2023 polls is overriden by its head Nevers Mumba’s statement on sanctions.

“But how many people were killed? How many people were stopped from voting?, asks KBF party leader, Kelvin Bwalya.

He continues saying – “What was the amount of violence recorded by the SADC report? The transparency was clear, but for me, the elephant in the room, and I repeat, was the sanctions.

“That report did not address that issue. That is where this report for me I have a problem. They should have taken into account the fact that Zimbabwe is, and has been under economic sanctions for over 20 years, that has affected Zimbabwe greatly,” he says in video.

Up to September, Chamisa’s party had been praising and even defending SADC Election Observer Mission Head, Nevers Mumba as their saviour in their legitimacy battle against ZANU PF, unbeknown to them that their rescue-man who confirms participating in Mnangagwa’s prophetic mafia programs since 1995 is a huge liability.

Nevers Mumba has admitted recording a notorious video which classifies every person, Zambian or Zimbabwean criticising Uebert Angel and Emmerson Mnangagwa’s RBZ-condemned gold-smuggling activities as a ‘sanctions-criminal’ collaborating with the West, meaning Mnangagwa is allowed to punish such people with imprisonment or even death. This video in which the SADC envoy abuses the Zambian flag insignia to disrupt a law enforcement investigation over money laundering, was released this year in April following a secret phonecall he had with the disgraced prophet, and ambassador Uebert Angel. Contacted for a comment over the matter and asked in full- what do you propose to do to reverse the factless comments you made on video in support of Prophet Uebert Angel in April 2023, hiding crucial details of Emmerson Mnangagwa’s plus other dictators since Daniel Arap Moi’s illicit election-terrorism-funding, which comments are at odds with your SADC statement, and totally-override the SADC observer mission’s position for centuries to come.

We’ve got it on authority that your speech was scripted and coordinated by the very accused himself, Uebert Angel between 31 March 2023 and 10 April 2023. What’s your comment on that?

Have you disclosed these empty comments to the SADC mission and your principals in Gaborone and Lusaka outlining if and or when you stopped working for the behalf of Uebert Angel and Mnangagwa?

Furthermore, have you publicly disclosed your collaboration in Emmerson Mnangagwa’s prophetic Mafia with his prophet Andrew Wutanunashe since 1996, to as a procedure for public confidence and due dillence accountability?

Lastly, when are you apologising to Al Jazeera, and or explaining to the church public that the GoldMafia investigation has very little or anything to do with Al Jazeera, as it was investigated and even prosecuted in the period 1992-2004 when Al Jazeera Investigative Unit did not even exist and the term sanctions did not exist in Zimbabwean daily discourse, and when Kenya’s economy was grounded by Emmerson Mnangagwa’s and Angel’s other accomplice, Kamlesh Pattni, such that it will take a projected 80 years for the economy to recover?

To this, Mumba replied saying: “The two are not connected. SADC has a specific mandate. They don’t deal with any peripheral issues but the conduct of the elections.”

He was further grilled: but your statement legally turns these 15 million innocent citizens into sanctions-criminals in Mnangagwa’s abusive hand. Your video document abusing the Zambia flag, on Angel’s behalf/help, justifies the election terrorism/genocide and Mnangagwa’s/Uebert Angel’s laundering of illicit finances for the elections in what people are being kidnapped and abused right now, and even told that it is justifiable to use state violence and to rig the elections being observed by your team, because they are sanctions-criminals. How on earth do you claim they are unrelated?

Mumba told ZimEye’s Simba Chikanza, “that statement was a pan African statement, made outside any criminality.”

Mumba was then asked the following question- Hon. Mumba, since you clearly had a conversation with Uebert Angel before recording your video accusing Al Jazeera of what’s got nothing to do with them, how safe is President Hakainde Hichilema near you, seeing you got influenced to upload a video document that has over 6 repeated screams (in under 8 min) of the self confessing cash machine hacker & self confessing terrorist against journalists’ name (Uebert Angel) than any mention of Pan Africanism that you now talk; you got influenced by one word from Uebert Angel, who’s so far threatened to change the Zambia Govt with “one word,” being also linked to suspected poisonings of 2 Presidents (Levy Mwanawasa, and Bingu Mutharika of Malawi)? How safe is president Hichilema in your presence? Also, can you assure the Zimbabwean and SADC people that you will not once again take another random phone-call with someone you don’t know, that will damage their destiny?

He did not answer this question and soon after this, his WhatsApp profile became greyed out, implying he disconnected and blocked our reporter.

– Possible Way Out

The CCC may still have a chance to still sideswipe ZANU PF if they take up evidence that shows that Nevers Mumba was merely using a script prepared for him by the GoldMafia implicated preacher, Uebert Angel. So far, Mumba has admitted secretly conversing with the disgraced preacher before recording his Mnangagwa-defence video in April 2023, though this was after multiple denials in his 26 Aug interview with ZimEye.

He later on, however, denied that his speech was scripted, saying that he was merely talking about Pan Africanism.

He also said he barely knows Uebert Angel, did not have his phone number, to which ZimEye’s Simba Chikanza queried how that is possible since his 8 min long video has up to 6 repeated screams of Uebert Angel’s name.

ZimEye has in its possession impeccable evidence proving that Nevers Mumba’s video was a notorious script authored by the same implicated individual, Uebert Angel for an agenda to disrupt the investigation and obfuscate the truth.

It was not clear how the opposition will handle the development and a comment was awaited.