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18 September 2023
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By Nick Masaiti

What is a ground beam? Advantages of Ground Beam

Beams are horizontal structural elements of the building which transfer the loads imposed on them. The ground beam is a part of the masonry wall bearing building. There are differences between the ground beam and plinth beam or grade beam.

A Ground Beam is the beam which is provided usually at the foundation level to support building walls, joists, etc. Typically the ground beams are directly rested on the ground, sometimes they can be supported by end piers.

Followings are the facts regarding the ground beam;

Typically ground beams are made of reinforced concrete.
Ground beams are typically constructed at foundation level.
Ground beads support wall, joists, etc.
It is provided where the soil bearing capacity beneath the wall is poor.
Advantages of Ground Beam
Following are the advantages of ground beams:

Ground beams can be constructed quickly.
Resists the settlement of the supporting walls.

Bearing capacity of soil may increase indirectly due to the generated pressure.

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