Mumba Digs In, Says Only Hurt By Zambian Opposition Who Fell For Zanu PF Antics
18 September 2023
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By A Correspondent| The Head of the SADC Observer Mission, Nevers Mumba has stood his ground and castigated Zambian opposition members who appeared in a documentary aired on ZBC criticizing his report on the just ended 2023 harmonised elections in Zimbabwe.

In his response, Mumba expressed his dedication to truth and transparency while reaffirming his position despite the attempts to tarnish his reputation.

“I will stand on the truth, and the truth shall not change. No amount of intimidation or personal attacks can move or sway me. I’ve chosen this path, to live by truth, and by conscience, and beyond this, I can do no other.”

The documentary aired on ZBC News attempted to undermine Mumba’s integrity and findings, employing falsehoods and character assassination in an effort to discredit the SADC Observer Mission’s assessment.

Nevertheless, Mumba remained resolute, stating that these attempts would not deter him or the cause he represents.

“These attempts to try to smear my reputation with lies and all sorts of character assassination will yield nothing, except to raise an even bigger army of young Africans who cannot be bought, or sold, who can neither be intimidated nor blinded by your twisted propaganda,” Mumba asserted.