Zimbabwe Shall Rise Again – Ngarivhume
18 September 2023
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Today l spent the day with Jacob Ngarivhume at Harare Central Prison where he is serving 4 years for calling for a demonstration against corruption. This is the fifth month since he was sentenced by Magistrate Feresi Chakanyuka for inciting public violence.

All attempts so far by his legal team to have an appeal heard by a higher court have hit a brick wall. This was further compounded by the recent elections which saw courts taking a sabbatical and no appeals were heard.

The level at which the Second Republic has used lawfare against its opponents, perceived or real, is unparalleled. The cases of Ngarivhume and Job Sikhala are classic examples. The two are political prisoners being held up on the flimsiest of charges.

Ngarivhume remains strong hearted and resolute even behind bars. He is in good physical condition. The extremely difficult and inhumane prison conditions do not seem to have any effect on him. His main worry is the present and future of this country.

Everytime he speaks on Zimbabwe, you can feel his passion and sincerity. The desire to see a better Zimbabwe for all, gives him courage to even to endanger his own life. There are very few leaders of his calibre left in this country!

Commenting on the recent elections, Ngarivhume said the failure by the opposition to win power was a big step backwards and the country cannot afford another five years of ZANU PF misrule. He said all attempts to turn this country into a monarchy and dynasty by the current establishment are unfortunate and unacceptable. From the shambolic elections it is clear that ZANU PF will suffer a legitimacy crisis.

Ngarivhume maintains that the only way out is a broad based dialogue by all stakeholders. This should usher in a transitional system that should oversee fresh credible elections.

Since ZANU PF will likely resist such, Ngarivhume calls on SADC to put pressure on ZANU PF to resolve once and for all the Zimbabwean political crisis.

Ngarivhume remains hopeful that Zimbabwe will not remain under ZANU PF bondage for much longer. He continues to pray for peace and appreciates all the support he has been receiving from all concerned citizens! For him it’s ‘Alluta Continua’!