Lula lula loving man in soup again
19 September 2023
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A mischievous man from Rusape, who was previously fined five cattle for dating his son’s wife, found himself back in court for a similar offense. Isaac Marowa, residing in Masvosva Village, was summoned to Chief Makoni’s court for engaging in a romantic relationship with his son Bartholomew Marowa’s wife, Forget Marowa.

This wasn’t the first time Isaac had faced such accusations. In February 2022, he was convicted of dating his daughter-in-law after Bartholomew discovered intimate love messages between Isaac and Forget on her cellphone. Consequently, Bartholomew evicted Forget from their marital home, but he eventually forgave her and took her back.

However, the situation took another unfortunate turn when Bartholomew uncovered evidence of continued contact between Isaac and Forget. Bartholomew shared his grievances before the community court, revealing that Forget had saved Isaac’s number as “YYU” in her phone and that they exchanged numerous affectionate messages. The messages even included plans to meet in Rusape for a secret rendezvous away from prying eyes.

Bartholomew expressed his frustration, stating that this was his second time seeking the court’s intervention regarding his father’s involvement with his wife. He accused both Isaac and Forget of denying the relationship. However, Isaac refuted the allegations, claiming his son was merely suspicious and lacked concrete evidence. Isaac further shared that his son had even set his house on fire over these unfounded accusations.

Forget also denied any romantic involvement with her father-in-law, asserting that her phone was always in her husband’s possession, making it impossible for her to engage in such communication with Isaac.

Despite the conflicting testimonies, Chief Makoni’s court found Isaac guilty of adultery and imposed a fine of two cattle. Additionally, he was found guilty of incest and was required to pay one beast. As part of the ruling, Isaac was ordered to compensate his son with two goats to cover the expenses incurred during the lawsuit.

The court’s decision aimed to address the complex familial dynamics and hold Isaac accountable for his actions, emphasizing the repercussions of engaging in such relationships within the family unit.