Vuzu party teens nabbed
19 September 2023
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Police in Bulawayo are currently investigating an incident involving 14 high school students who were discovered hosting a vuzu party in Pumula South last Friday afternoon. The authorities were alerted to the situation by a concerned individual who noticed a group of students entering a house while wearing their school uniforms and carrying alcohol.

Bulawayo’s acting police spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Nomalanga Msebele, stated that upon receiving the tip-off, the police promptly responded and discovered unused condoms and alcohol at the scene. The students, aged between 15 and 17, hailed from Milton High School, Evelyn High School, and Herentals College. Four bottles of wine were found, with two already consumed and the remaining two yet to be opened.

During the police raid, two students managed to escape by scaling over a precast wall. Inspector Msebele expressed gratitude towards the vigilant individuals who reported the incident, emphasizing the importance of community members notifying the police when such activities occur. She advised parents and guardians to ensure that their neighbours are aware when they are absent for extended periods, as this can help prevent similar incidents.

“We advise that parents and guardians of teenagers make sure that their neighbours know when they are not around. This helps when situations like these arise, because we learnt that the owners of the house where this party took place were not around, hence, this happened,” added Msebele, highlighting the significance of fostering a supportive community environment.

The investigation into the vuzu party remains ongoing as the police work to gather further information and take appropriate action.