Corpse Stuck Outside House for 9 Days
21 September 2023
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Bizarre and Disturbing Events Surround Murder Case Unfold in Zhombe East.

Zhombe East, September 19, 2023 – In a chilling turn of events, the murder case of Munyaradzi Dube (31), allegedly killed for ritual purposes, has taken a truly eerie twist. Dube’s remains, which spent nine days abandoned outside a house at the Muchechetere homestead in Zhombe East, are now reportedly causing quite a sensation at the Kwekwe District Hospital mortuary.

Munyaradzi Dube, an artisanal miner from Gokwe, met a gruesome fate at Zhombe Business Centre, under Chief Samambwa in Zhombe East. His body, found with a missing tongue, a left eye, and some hair from the back of his head, had been dumped in a disused mine shaft after his alleged murder.

What makes this case particularly unsettling is the claim that Munyaradzi Dube’s remains are now “making funny noises” and “refusing to be buried.” Some reports even suggest that the deceased is “demanding” the return of his missing body parts.

Efforts to lay him to rest in his homestead in Vhurumu village, under Chief Njelele in Gokwe South, have been thwarted, as the Muchechetere and Dube families have yet to reconcile.

Chief Njelele received a call from the police, urging him to mediate between the two families and address this perplexing situation. He mentioned reports of mysterious sounds emanating from Munyaradzi’s remains at the Kwekwe District Hospital mortuary.

Munyaradzi’s uncle, Mr. David Dube, detailed the events leading up to his nephew’s alleged ritual killing. According to Mr. Dube, the deceased was an artisanal miner murdered three weeks ago in Zhombe by two alleged miners from the same area.

After Munyaradzi’s murder, a bizarre sequence of events unfolded, including his friend allegedly going into a trance and behaving as if he were Munyaradzi himself. He forbade the family from burying the remains without his missing body parts.

In an attempt to perform certain rituals, Munyaradzi’s friend demanded that a live animal be tied and placed in water in a disused mine shaft. However, this ritual was not completed due to the reluctance of the Muchechetere family, leading to the family abandoning Munyaradzi’s body at their homestead.

Shockingly, a voice was heard coming from the coffin, claiming that Munyaradzi’s remains had been dismembered and parts were scattered in various locations, including a nightclub, a butchery, a mining claim, and a grinding mill at Zhombe Business Centre. The voice suggested that once water from the mine shaft was collected and sprinkled at these locations, the culprits behind the murder would confess.

Tensions are high as the Muchechetere family denies involvement and expresses willingness to engage with Munyaradzi’s family to resolve the matter. Community members and authorities, including Chief Samambwa, are still grappling with the perplexing and unsettling circumstances surrounding this murder case.

The police have confirmed the incident and are conducting investigations into this disturbing and mysterious case.