“I can forgo mayoral vehicle”: Coltart
21 September 2023
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The City of Bulawayo Mayor Councillor David Coltart said he will forgo getting a new mayoral vehicle during his term of office and prioritise service delivery.

Speaking at an engagement meeting with Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) on Tuesday, Coltart also revealed that the local authority is operating with only five ambulances and needs a fleet of thirty to fully service the city.

He said the City of Bulawayo has an acute shortage of ambulances, fire engines, and refuse collection trucks. 

CITE quoted Coltart as saying:

There is a car at the city council, it has been there for the past nine years. It will be enough for my five-year term.

I’m not going to buy a new mayoral vehicle unless this one breaks down or unless we get a full complement of our ambulances.

How can we have only five ambulances when we need thirty and still prioritize mayoral vehicles, that is absolute nonsense.

Over the past two decades, service delivery in local authorities has sharply deteriorated and urban dwellers have mostly been affected as water supplies and refuse collection have become irregular, exposing residents to medieval diseases such as cholera and typhoid.

Councillors, especially in urban councils, have been accused of abusing resources for personal benefit instead of prioritising service delivery.