Former G40 kingpins causing chaos in Harare
24 September 2023
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By A Correspondent| Former Zanu PF Generation 40 (G40) kingpins are causing chaos in Harare province as they are working tirelessly to illegally remove the current provincial leadership.

This comes after they caused mayhem at the provincial headquarters as they allegedly sent goons to disrupt party activities.

According to inside sources former Harare provincial commissar Shadreck Mashayamombe and his G40 team are being funded by Blessed Charakupa populary known as JB.

Charakupa is trying to take over all Mbare business premises by force using violence and he is funding demonstrations against the party.

“The team want to remove the current Harare executive, they want to protect their interests and in the long run they want to push their faction to take over from President Mnangagwa.

“The team is having a series of meetings and if they are not stopped they will cause serious problems in the province. We are appealing to the party leadership to take action against these malcontents. We cannot drag the party to the time of G40,” the source said.

This comes after Harare province has served six of their members with prohibition orders after they allegedly went to the party’s Harare headquarters and caused unnecessary chaos.

The members who are under fire include Oliver Vhelemu provincial member, Reason Mabhedhla, provincial member, Stanley Maisiri, Chenjerai Hunzvi district chairman, Misheck Mberikunashe, Chenjerai Hunzvi district vice chairman, Brian Chimombe, treasure Mbare3 district, Isaac Simon, Mbare2 district chairman and Killian Gwenhamo, Monomotapa district chairman.

In a letter to all provincial structures, the provincial secretary for legal affairs Blessing Shamba said the seven are suspended from holding any party position until the matter is completed.

“We would like to inform you (provincial structures) that the following party members (seven mentioned above) have been served with prohibition orders in accordance to the Party Constitution in Article 4 section 79 Subsection 1 and 2 they are now hereby prohibited with Immediate effect to hold any party office this prohibition in meant to allow for the full investigation into the above mentioned allegations (demonstrating at party provincial headquarters),

“The prohibition is effective with immediate effect for the duration of 14 days; they will be notified in writing when your hearing will take place after the conclusion of the investigation,” the letter reads.

This comes after 12 suspected Zanu PF supporters have appeared in court facing alleged public violence charges after they allegedly went to the party’s Harare headquarters and held a demonstration.

The 12 are Melisa Master, 27, Irene Makuvire, 50, Ernest Thuola, 35, Tinashe Nheya, 27, Prince Chatendeuka, 36, Tafara Rusere, 30, Edson Chabvuta, 30, Larson Masenda, 43, Rosewinter Munhava, 34, Wellington Mutsvangwa, 32, Blessed Kadumba, 28, and Portia Mhishi, 35.

The accused appeared before Harare magistrate Apolonia Marutya and were remanded in custody. They are returning to court tomorrow for their bail hearing.

The court heard that the 12 went to Zanu PF headquarters and demanded the removal of Zanu-PF Harare Youth League chairperson Emmanuel Mahachi from his position.