Losing Zanu PF candidates hosts “Thank you” rally
25 September 2023
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By A Correspondent- Tendai Charuka, the unsuccessful Zanu-PF candidate for ward 1, is calling on the Citizens for Coalition Change (CCC) candidates to prioritize the welfare of street vendors. He believes that the city council should focus on safeguarding the livelihoods of vendors by creating approved vending zones.

Charuka expressed his gratitude to party supporters during a “thank you” rally held in Bulawayo last Thursday. He emphasized that the Zanu-PF cadres are committed to continuing their work and delivering for the people of Zimbabwe. He also assured the audience that President Mnangagwa’s initiated projects would not stop and that a prosperous Zimbabwe aligned with Vision 2030 would be achieved.

Although Charuka lost in his bid for the Bulawayo Central National Assembly seat, he extended his congratulations to Mr. Surrender Kapoikulu, the CCC candidate who won, and emphasized that they were ready to collaborate with the elected representatives for the betterment of the country.

Charuka stressed the importance of unity among citizens and their commitment to national development, regardless of political affiliations. He urged the mayor and councilors to work towards the revitalization and growth of Bulawayo.

He also highlighted the vital role played by vendors in the country’s economy and called on the council to create suitable spaces for them to operate in the central business district (CBD). Charuka noted that acknowledging President Mnangagwa as the country’s leader is essential.

He concluded by urging everyone to put aside grievances and work together for a brighter future for Bulawayo and Zimbabwe, emphasizing the need for unity among Zimbabweans.