Is America Losing Power In Africa?
26 September 2023
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By Shelton Muchena | The recent events in the West African countries point to a change of geo politics with regards to the West and US and the African continent.

ECOWAS has threatened war to Niger and as a result, more than 4 African countries have since pledged their support to the Coup leaders.

This is a direct confrontation to the US and the West, whose systems previously controlled the socio-political and economic status of these African states.

USA has the power to punish them without any challenge.
The invasion of Ukraine by America opened a can of worms. The failure of NATO to drive out Russian soldiers indicated to Russia that they are toothless bulldogs.

Putin is becoming an American threat day by day, and his recent pledge is to support the Coup leaders as well as cementing Russian African relationships.

Similarly, South Africa, known as being an ally of America, openly declared to be aligned to Russia during conflict mediation.

Relatedly, the Russia Africa donation where Putin declared to offer free grain to African countries is a slap in the face of the West.

Back home, Zimbabwe’s quest to join the commonwealth might be another dream in the air given the country’ s recent public support of Russia in the Ukrainian war.

With BRICS planning to unveil its own currency, this further puts the West in the oblivion while rendering joining commonwealth useless.