It Never Rains: Kasukuwere’s Citrus Fruits Set Ablaze
26 September 2023
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By A Correspondent| Fire has ripped through the Concorpia Farm in Mazowe, owned by former Zanu PF cabinet minister Savior Kasukuwere, reducing his prime citrus plantation to ashes.

The incident has raised concerns about land invasions and the enforcement of court orders, with Kasukuwere accusing the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) of inaction despite a High Court order to remove the invaders from the property.

In a distressing tweet, Kasukuwere lamented the destruction of his valuable citrus farm, implying that this incident was a part of a series of challenges he has faced.

He stated, “It never rains but pours: A huge fire has destroyed my prime citrus plant at Concorpia Farm, Mazowe.”

The former cabinet minister expressed his frustration over the alleged lack of action by the ZRP to enforce a High Court order aimed at removing the invaders from his property.

“Against all legal efforts to remove the invader, the ZRP has refused to enforce a HC order,” Kasukuwere further tweeted.