Mzembi Gives Up On Fighting Zanu PF, Says SADC Too Weak
30 September 2023
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ZANU PF has proved to be too strong for SADC, the former Minister of Tourism Dr Walter Mzembi has admitted.

Speaking on his X handle last night, Dr Mzembi said the Liberation movements in the region seem to have won the day and there is little hope left for the opposition amid their electoral griviences on the just country ended elections.

“ZANUPF is too strong for the Region and its abrasive gun boat Zanufication diplomacy has seen even seemingly bigger brothers turning into its ” errand boys ” twisted by anti sanctions solidarity”, wrote Mzembi.

He added that the SADC report on Zimbabwe elections was now stale and having the President of Zambia chairing deputy Presidents of other organs of Troika indicated the lack of interests from the region.

” A deputation of representation by President of Namibia @hagegeingob and
@SuluhuSamia of Tanzania completing the Troika chaired by @Hichilema
of Zambia is not good sign for those reading too much into an anticipated SADC solution. @HHichilema chairing Vice Presidents and officials means a downgrade of Zimbabwe Polls issue to a routine report. Liberation Parties solidarity may have won the day in the charm offensive led by @edmnangagwa himself in New York”, added Mzembi.

The opposition parties had hoped that the SADC report was their only arsenal to solve the election griviences but it all remains a dream in the pipe.