Malema Says No Polls In eSwatini
1 October 2023
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Julius Malema Addresses Media at Siyabonga Rally in Maquassi Hills (video).

In an emotive address to members of the media at the Siyabonga Rally in Ward 03, Maquassi Hills, North West, Julius S. Malema, the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), vehemently criticized the situation in eSwatini, where there are no elections, and expressed his concern over the actions of the country’s monarch.

Speaking to journalists, Malema stated, “What is happening in eSwatini is a blatant disregard for the will of the people. There are no elections in eSwatini, and what the king is doing is really undermining the fundamental principles of democracy and human rights.”

Malema went on to highlight the importance of democracy and the right of citizens to choose their leaders through free and fair elections. He emphasized that the situation in eSwatini should be a matter of concern for the international community and called for immediate attention to the issue.

The Siyabonga Rally, which drew a significant gathering of EFF supporters, was marked by Malema’s passionate address, during which he urged solidarity with the people of eSwatini and their quest for democracy. He also called for international pressure to be exerted on eSwatini’s leadership to ensure the protection of human rights and the establishment of a democratic system.

The situation in eSwatini has been a subject of global concern, with reports of protests and government crackdowns on dissenting voices. Malema’s strong stance on the matter at the Siyabonga Rally signals the EFF’s commitment to advocating for democratic values both within South Africa and across its borders.

As the situation in eSwatini continues to unfold, Julius S. Malema’s address at the Siyabonga Rally serves as a powerful statement of solidarity with those seeking political reform and democratic change in the neighboring nation. International observers will be closely watching developments in the region as calls for democracy and human rights gain momentum.-Agencies