US Police Could Arrest Passion Java for Incitement to Violence Against Ian Ndlovu
3 October 2023
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By Dorrothy Moyo | The US resident, Panganai Java has found himself entangled in a legal controversy over a social media post that could soon lead to criminal charges. Mr. Java took to Facebook to offer a substantial reward to anyone who recorded a video while assaulting Prophet Ian Ndlovu, stating, “anyone who supplies me with a video beating up Prophet Peter Ndlovu, I will give him USD2,000.” This incident occurred in the context of a prophecy by Prophet Ian Ndlovu calling for Christians to pray for his life. While it is important to note that this article is hypothetical in nature, we will explore potential legal implications based on US law.

1. Incitement to Violence (Prior to Assault):
Even if Prophet Ian Ndlovu does not get assaulted, Passion Java may be liable for incitement to violence under US law. Incitement to violence involves encouraging, promoting, or instigating violence against another individual. Passion Java’s Facebook post, in which he offered a monetary reward for assaulting Prophet Ian Ndlovu, could be interpreted as incitement to violence. This may lead to charges being filed against him.

2. Incitement to Violence (After Assault):
If, hypothetically, an assault on Prophet Ian Ndlovu were to occur as a result of Passion Java’s Facebook post, the legal consequences could be even more severe. In this scenario, Passion Java may not only face charges related to incitement but also potentially charges of conspiracy or aiding and abetting the assault. These charges could result in more significant legal penalties, including imprisonment.

Incitement to violence is a serious offense in the United States, and those found guilty of such acts may face severe legal consequences.