‘Passion Java Prophesies Own Death While Threatening Chamisa’
4 October 2023
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*Passion Java Prophesies His Own Death?**

By Farai D Hove | The controversial 35-year-old ZANU PF propagandist, Passion Java, has seemingly prophesied his own demise. Java, who has recently been embroiled in a series of controversies, including threats against national figures, is now at the center of another storm.

Just four days ago, Passion Java was urged to seek prayers for his life after he made threatening remarks against CCC President Nelson Chamisa, journalist Simba Chikanza, and, most notably, the Bulawayo-based preacher, Ian Ndlovu, who had called for prayers on his behalf.

Within 24 hours of his latest public outburst, Passion Java took to social media to announce yet another provocative statement, this time targeting Nelson Chamisa. He stated that if he were to die, it would be Nelson Chamisa who would be buried. However, the threat has sparked controversy due to its ambiguous translation, as some have interpreted it to mean that Passion Java will be buried upon his death.

“Why is no one looking at the translation?” questioned one Facebook user, as the printed text read, “if I die, I will be buried. Be blessed.”

This development unfolds amid a public feud between Passion Java and singer Baba Harare, whom he mocked for allegedly using AI software to create artwork for his latest album. During a live program last week, Java taunted, “But Baba Harare told you to download the Medorange App, what’s taking you time to get your medication?”

Passion Java gained notoriety through his association with religion and quickly ascended to the upper echelons of ZANU PF, much to the dismay of senior war veterans who argue that he is undeserving. Java is known for his frequent posts of ZANU PF and pro-Mnangagwa propaganda, often engaging in satirical and mocking content against perceived enemies on social media.

The cryptic statement by Passion Java has left many puzzled, and it remains to be seen whether this is a genuine prophecy or another provocative stunt in his ongoing controversies.