Mnangagwa Gets Violent During Own Speech | Is This How His Harare Girlfriend Was Murdered During Intimacy? | WARNING DISTURBING PICTURES
5 October 2023
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By Farai D Hove | ANALYSIS | ZimEye | At a time when revelations of his affair with the new Attorney General are rife, ZANU PF President Emmerson Mnangagwa, finds himself at the center of serious allegations related to his personal life and temper control. These allegations, largely unchallenged, have ignited concerns about the senior politician’s emotional stability, particularly in private settings.

**Explosive Allegations Unearthed:**

The controversy erupted following 48 year running persistent revelations that Mr Mnangagwa maintains multiple romantic relationships, including one with the recently appointed Attorney General. While these allegations remain unprosecuted, they have led to intense speculation about the man’s emotional demeanor and how he handles his temper behind closed doors.

When he insurrected against the late president Robert Mugabe in Nov 2017, Mnangagwa had a warrant of arrest over the murder of his girlfriend in a flat. The docket (pictures in the link below) is still there, and the whole military coup was a way to sway away the criminal charges, sources suggested to ZimEye – that Mnangagwa knew he was going to be arrested for the murder of the girlfriend (a church member of Tudor Bismark’s organisation) killed in a flat in Harare who was a discovered a week later.

warning disturbing video picture image

She was found mutilated at her private parts. The pictures are gruesome. (click to view)

**Disturbing Video Footage:**

Amid this storm of allegations, Mr. Mnangagwa was caught on camera in two instances, one after the other displaying unsettling physical aggression towards his own bodyguards. The most recent incident occurred during a public address, where Mnangagwa was addressing a large crowd.

In the video footage, Emmerson Mnangagwa was seen agitatedly complaining about a small white flower he was wearing. He repeatedly demanded that his bodyguard remove the placated flower, uttering the words, “Dhonza icho.” The situation took a disturbing turn when he forcefully thrust his hand towards the unnamed bodyguard, even after the flower had been removed. This episode raises serious questions about his ability to control his temper, especially in a public setting. VIDEO:

**Echoes of a Troubled Past:**

The disturbing visuals from this recent incident bring back haunting memories from a 2014 police case. At that time, Mr. Mnangagwa was implicated in the alleged murder of one of his girlfriends, who was also a church member of Bishop Tudor Bizmark’s Church. Despite the passage of nine years, the President has not provided any response or clarification regarding these allegations.

**Calls for Accountability:**

In light of these recent events, many Zimbabweans and international observers are demanding accountability and transparency from President Mnangagwa. The allegations of multiple romantic relationships and the disturbing public display of aggression have raised valid concerns about his suitability to lead the nation.

**Awaiting President Mnangagwa’s Response:**

The nation now awaits a response from President Mnangagwa regarding the allegations surrounding his personal life and the unsettling incident captured on camera. His ability to address these controversies may significantly impact his standing both within his party and among the Zimbabwean people.

As the situation unfolds, Zimbabweans and the international community will closely monitor developments and await clarity on these deeply troubling matters.

*[Image: Attached video of Mr Emmerson Mnangagwa during the recent incident]*

This is a developing story, and further updates will be provided as more information becomes available. – ZimEye