Environmental Law Association Pushes For Community Empowerment
16 October 2023
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Business Correspondent

The Zimbabwe Environmental Law Association(ZELA) is working with various stakeholders in pushing for the empowerment of communities.

The thrust of the association is to equip and empower communities in Zimbabwe and beyond with information on basic environmental and natural rights.

ZELA’s work is primarily anchored on a core group of rights which are reflective of natural resources governance namely Environmental, Economic, Social and Cultural (EESC).

In a brief statement the association said :
“The past few years have seen increased investor interest in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) & we have seen fit to have a discussion on this.
Join us on October 17.
By the way,it’s two days before the #ZAMI2023

Want to be part of the proceedings? If the answer is Yes, register in advance

Please click the link below to register : https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83788550407?pwd=L0MvTXFFRzMzMEJMZytVa0lrQk1FQT09


Zimbabwe Alternative #Mining Indaba…

ZELA was formed in 2000 and legally constituted as a Trust in November 2001 under Notarial Deed of Trust.

ZELA is a leading public interest environmental law group based in Zimbabwe and the association has also established itself as natural resources governance organisation in the Southern Africa region.