Nelson Chamisa Remains Nation’s Hope
16 October 2023
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Tinashe Sambiri

CCC leader President Nelson Chamisa remains the nation’s hope in spite of relentless efforts by the Harare regime to soil his image.

The panicky regime has gone into overdrive in a desperate bid to decimate the opposition.

According to the Citizens Coalition for Change, President Chamisa is the nation’s hope.

“Zimbabwe’s hopes and dreams lie with President Nelson Chamisa. It’s only a matter of time; Zimbabwe shall be free.

The regime in Harare has created a legitimacy and constitutional crisis in our country stemming from the highly disputed election. Our focus is to ensure that the will of the people prevails, and that can be achieved through a fresh, transparent and credible election. #FreshElectionsZw. #ZimbabweForEveryone, ” CCC said in a statement.