RECALLS BACKFIRE: Mnangagwa Steps Down from Presidential Currency Return Promise
28 October 2023
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**Breaking News: Zimbabwe’s 2030 Zim Dollar Economy Vision Crashes as Currency Reintroduction Delayed**

In a shocking turn of events, Emmerson Mnangagwa’s ambitious 2030 Zim Dollar economy vision has suffered a major setback. The government has just gazetted Statutory Instrument (S.I.) 218 of 2023, effectively extending the use of the multiple currency system in Zimbabwe to December 2030. This decision has sent shockwaves through the nation, as it contradicts previous promises to reintroduce the Zimbabwean dollar by 2025.

Initially, the Treasury had declared that the dual currency model, which allowed the local dollar to coexist with a basket of foreign currencies, would be phased out by 2025. However, through S.I. 218 of 2023, the government has amended the Exchange Control Act, essentially delaying the return of the Zimbabwean dollar.

This development has left businesses and potential investors in a state of anxiety, as they had been banking on the government’s commitment to restoring the local currency. Earlier, concerns were raised by pension funds and other stakeholders, who were hesitant to commit to long-term investments, particularly in US dollars, given the uncertainty surrounding currency use after 2025.

The extension of the multi-currency system has implications for financial institutions, providing them with the assurance and flexibility to offer long-term loans in foreign currency. This is seen as critical for business growth and resource mobilization.

While some industrialists and business analysts welcomed the move as a positive step for business stability, the delay in reintroducing the Zimbabwean dollar has left many wondering about the long-term implications for the country’s economy.

Economist Mr. George Nhepera emphasized the importance of this decision for economic growth, financial stability, and confidence building in the financial markets and general business operations. He commended the government for aligning with good economic reasoning and acknowledged the need to carefully plan the transition to a stable local currency.

Zimbabwe’s journey with its currency has been tumultuous, having first adopted a US-dollar-dominated multiple currency system in 2009, only to ditch it in 2019, and reintroduce it in 2022 to combat rising inflation pressures.

This recent announcement has left many questioning the future of Zimbabwe’s currency, casting doubt on whether the 2030 Zim Dollar economy vision can still be achieved. The nation now faces another seven years of uncertainty regarding its monetary policy.- State Media