ZIFA Coach Prosecution: Where’s The Complainant?
28 October 2023
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-Allegations of Bullying Emerge in Mlauzi’s Trial for Indecent Assault

The trial of Shadreck Mlauzi, head coach of the Mighty Warriors, faced an unexpected delay yesterday as the complainant in the case failed to appear. Mlauzi is currently out on bail and is defending himself against two counts of indecent assault, with proceedings taking place before Harare magistrate Ms Yeukai Dzuda.

Mlauzi, represented by his lawyer, Mr Kossam Ncube, vehemently denies the charges brought against him. The accusations revolve around alleged incidents of molestation involving a female member of the technical team, which purportedly occurred in both Zimbabwe and South Africa on separate occasions.

The State’s case hinges on two specific incidents. On September 26, the Mighty Warriors team was in Glen Lorne, Harare, at the Pandhari Lodge for preparations leading up to the Cosafa Women Championships held in South Africa. The complainant, who has not been named, requested the training program from Mlauzi. He allegedly instructed her to collect it from his room but later stated he would email it to her.

It was during this encounter that Mlauzi stands accused of making unwanted advances. He allegedly asked the complainant for a kiss on the lips, and when she refused, he forcibly attempted to kiss her. This incident forms the basis of the first assault charge.

The second count involves events that transpired on October 4 in South Africa at the Garden Court Hotel, where the team was staying. Mlauzi reportedly instructed the complainant to report to his room to give him a massage when handing over the hotel room keys. The following day, she informed him that they lacked resistance bands for training, and he instructed her to collect money from his room. When she did so, he allegedly made inappropriate advances towards her.

After turning down his advances, the complainant faced continued harassment by Mlauzi following a match. Subsequently, she reported the incidents to the Cosafa safeguarding officer, who later provided counseling. These actions culminated in the charge of indecent assault.

While these allegations cast a dark cloud over Mlauzi’s trial, the absence of the complainant at the scheduled proceedings today raises questions. It is essential to keep in mind that the complainant’s non-attendance does not automatically negate the validity of her claims. However, these recent developments highlight the delicate nature of the case and the potential complexities surrounding the allegations of indecent assault.- state media