Live Human Bodies Dangling Atop Kwekwe Kombi Like Corpses?
30 October 2023
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By A Correspondent | This is the Kadoma-Kwekwe road-route today, 2 gold-rich towns whose businessmen (including the #GoldMafia pioneer, Kamlesh Pattni) regularly fly in international musicians like @MakhadziSA to entertain selves, and yet the massive wealth does not go to developing its own people. Much of it is illegally smuggled out to develop Dubai, as the money is used to rig the elections of various African countries, operations which Pattni
(Pastor Paul) Emmerson Mnangagwa’s business partner started in 1990 in Kenya. Between April and Sept 2023, two senior Zambian politicians, Harry Kalaba (presidential contestant) and SADC election observer mission head, Nevers Mumba, have recorded videos on behalf of and protecting the election-rigging #GoldMafia and continued to claim that Mnangagwa, and his partners are smuggling gold in order to bust western sanctions, at a time when the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe announces that there are no sanctions at all and the rigging-operations are purely for the purpose of keeping the electorate of various African countries poor.

The two helped cover up for an announced (Uebert Angel video) USD240million war chest that Mnangagwa amassed to rig the 2023 elections.

Harry Kalaba and Mumba abused the Zambia govt’s coat of arms and the Zambian flag insignia to doctor video-documents making these claims, and Kalaba was exposed on election day, 23 Aug, after unwittingly talking with Simba Chikanza for over a month while confirming to that he was given a script to read paid for by Uebert Angel and notoriously assembled by @KMutisi…

Kalaba was engaged by @schikanza through a promise to hand him a 22-carat-golden iPhone15 as a reward to thank him for the Mafia job, and he gladly received the first fake iphone on 5 August 2023, via undercover agents and the second was to be physically handed on 23 August in Lusaka, when Kalaba met Chikanza face to face in a Levy Mall shop, an incident  that was beamed live to over 500,000 viewers. He was asked to explain himself and if he will now apologise to the Zambian government and to the Zim voters, whose USD24million election war-chest, he helped obfuscate in the day it was being used to rig elections and commit human rights abuses. Video

Kalaba then went on TV to claim that he can’t be rigging elections when “my senior brother” who is in Zimbabwe monitoring elections, also recorded a video in support of the Mnangagwa.

@SADC_News’s Nevers Mumba was also engaged, but refused to fix his statements which endanger the Zimbabwean people for centuries to come as his allegations classify complaining citizens as sanctions-criminals working for the benefit of the warring west. He also said that he can’t be rigging elections when Emmerson Mnangagwa is after him. He then went on to support Harry Kalaba in a Facebook side-post.…

Mumba’s and Kalaba’s “sanctions” claims which are really hate-speech used by ZANU PF members to incite violence and kill people who include former Zambian president Levy Mwanawasa, now serve to assist gold looters to continue their operations.

More details are in @AJIunit’s GoldMafia documentary.

In the latest investigation, it is revealed that Mumba and Kalaba were phoned by Uebert Angel and told to record the videos, whose script writer was Kudzai Mutisi. Initial evidence which ZimEye followed up on are phone conversation records and bank transactions between Mutisi and Uebert Angel, between March and July 2023.