Mnangagwa Hoodwinks Prison Guards?
20 May 2024
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By A Correspondent

Speaking on Friday at the Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services (ZPCS) pass-out parade at Ntabazinduna Training School, Emmerson Mnangagwa emphasized the critical importance of loyalty and discipline among prison officers.

The event, which showcased the graduates’ skills and readiness, served as a platform for Mnangagwa to outline his expectations and the government’s support for the correctional services.

Mnangagwa, acknowledging the pervasive challenge of substance abuse, stated, “We, just like many countries, are grappling with the menace of substance abuse.”

He underscored the government’s commitment to combating this issue, highlighting the role of prison officers in maintaining peace and security.

“You play a crucial role in promoting peace and security,” Mnangagwa declared, adding that the ZPCS has earned international respect through its distinguished performance on foreign missions.

The Zanu PF leader commended the ZPCS for its innovative efforts, particularly the commercialization of inmates’ activities, which he described as a demonstration of their commitment to innovation.

He noted, “The service has embarked on innovation by commercializing inmates’ activities. This demonstrates your commitment to innovation.”

Mnangagwa further pointed out that the government is prepared to support these initiatives, especially in addressing climate change and ensuring food security.

“We as Government stand ready to assist in this regard as we work against the impact of climate change and ensure food security,” he said.

Mnangagwa’s speech also touched on the fundamental values that should guide the graduates in their new roles.

He invoked a nationalistic sentiment with the phrase, “Nyika inovakwa igotongwa, igonamatirwa nevene vayo,” which translates to “A nation is built, governed, and prayed for by its own people.” He stressed that discipline and patriotism are the cornerstones of the country’s security architecture.

“As you embark on this noble career, go forth with the skills acquired here knowing that discipline and patriotism are the foundations of our security architecture,” he urged the new officers.

The President expressed pride in the quality of the parade, praising both the graduates and their families for their dedication and support.

“I commend the ZPCS for a job well done. The quality of the parade is top-notch.

To the families of graduates, I thank you for the support you give to the graduands. I wish you great success in your careers,” Mnangagwa concluded.

The call for loyalty and the emphasis on innovation and discipline highlight Mnangagwa’s vision for a robust and respected correctional service that not only maintains security but also contributes to national development and international esteem.