CCC Condemns Valerio Sibanda Appointment To Politburo
31 October 2023
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The Citizens Coalition for Change strongly condemns Mr Mnangagwa’s announcement of appointing a senior officer of the security forces, Army General Valerio Sibanda to the Zanu PF politburo.

This action blatantly violates the Zimbabwe Constitution, specifically Section 208 (3), which clearly prohibits security service members from being active in any political party or organization.

The announcement is part of a pattern of constitutional violations under the Mnangagwa regime.

Our New Great Zimbabwe Blueprint emphasizes the commitment of a CCC government to uphold the professionalism and independence of state institutions, including the security services.

The Citizens Coalition for Change will utilize all available legal means to preserve Constitutionalism and the rule of law, denouncing Mnangagwa’s abuse of the Constitution. CCC