Police Commits To End Vuzu Parties In Bulawayo
2 November 2023
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Bulawayo police have heightened their efforts to address Vuzu parties, where schoolchildren engage in sexual activities, drug use, and alcohol abuse at specific residences, according to Provincial police spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube.

Ncube made these statements during a recent meeting with journalists in response to concerns about increasing criminal activities in the city.

The police and various stakeholders are collaborating to combat Vuzu parties in Bulawayo.

Ncube emphasized that the police and the community are taking significant steps to address this issue, making it difficult for juveniles to organize such gatherings.

He mentioned that one contributing factor to Vuzu parties was the availability of venues, especially when parents were abroad or at work, leaving homes unattended during specific hours. Ncube praised the community for being diligent in reporting any unusual activities to the authorities.

According to Ncube, many schoolchildren who participated in Vuzu parties lived on their own. Initially, these gatherings were associated with simple celebrations like birthday parties but have since evolved into occasions marked by substance abuse and inappropriate sexual behavior. Some parties took place in private residences or lodges.

Ncube urged parents and the public to promptly report any gatherings or suspicious activities involving young people to the police.