George Charamba Gone Into Hiding After SADC Summit?
6 November 2023
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By Ronita Mbanjwa | ZimEye | In a scenario that can only be described as a political horror show, politicians aligned with President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government are feeling the pressure as they face the consequences of their 2-month-old claims that ZANU PF won the 2023 elections. The shocking reality, now coming to light, is that these politicians allegedly utilized soldiers to rig the election. As the regional body, SADC (Southern African Development Community), has turned its focus on this matter, a chilling silence has fallen over the ZANU PF camp.

One of the most striking aspects of this silence is the muted response from key figures in the ZANU PF leadership. Christopher Mutsvangwa, the ZANU PF Spokesman, has fallen eerily silent, refraining from commenting on the unfolding situation. Even the exiled propaganda mastermind, Professor Jonathan Moyo, who is known for his active presence on social media, has not sent out a single tweet regarding the allegations.

Perhaps the most baffling disappearance from the public eye is that of George Charamba, Mnangagwa’s own spokesman. It’s as if he has lost his phone or gone into hiding, leaving many to wonder, “What’s up with George Charamba?”

The story takes an even more surreal turn with reports of President Emmerson Mnangagwa receiving instructions from his journalist, Reuben Barwe, who wasn’t even present at the SADC Extraordinary Summit. This peculiar conversation between the two sheds light on the gravity of the situation.

**REUBEN BARWE:** Comrade President! Comrade President! How did it go?

**EMMERSON MNANGAGWA:** Excellent, excellent! We had a very successful SADC Summit. Yes!

**REUBEN BARWE:** Any of those pretenders who might have wanted to smuggle issues over here, did they get?

**EMMERSON MNANGAGWA:** No, these things happen in society, not everybody is a Priest, so you find these things happen, but we are so alert that we had gone to deal with the things that are relevant to the Summit which was called, things that were called, this is extra ordinary which means there was a particular subject here to discuss.

**REUBEN BARWE:** Only DRC issues?


The stark contrast between the official statements and the underlying realities paints a haunting picture. As SADC tightens its grip on Mnangagwa and his allies, they are undoubtedly trapped in a nightmarish predicament, with the truth lurking in the shadows, waiting to emerge.

Speaking on Sunday, Dr Matthew Nyashanu told ZimEye, Mr Mnangagwa has trapped himself and his only way out is talking to Nelson Chamisa. “Before investors can trade or they can have any confidence with any governments in Southern Africa, one of the things they will do is to engage with SADC to see how SADC rates the political terrain of that particular country. It will be not useful for Mr Mnangagwa not to engage with the opposition, this is the truth. And this is why we are having people being beaten in Zimbabwe today months after the election. It is because they are fighting for legitimacy, if they had won really, we should have seen them rolling out some economic plans. They are not doing that, they are trying to roll out plans to kill the opposition. You cannot kill an opposition that defeated you on the election, that has more legitimacy than you.”