Moment Mnangagwa And Reuben Convinced Each Other That SADC Didn’t Discuss His Election-Fraud
6 November 2023
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The following was the moment when SADC publicly announced one very clear thing, that the Zimbabwe election was and is on the extraordinary summit agenda, and then later a visibly sweaty ZANU PF leader Emmerson Mnangagwa and his journalist, Reuben Barwe uttered 14 rapid statements convincing each other against the @SADC_News agenda item, as Mnangagwa walked out of the extra ordinary summit. FULL TEXT-

REUBEN BARWE: Comrade President! Comrade President! How did it go?

MNANGAGWA: Excellent, excellent! We had a very successful SADC Summit. Yes!

REUBEN BARWE: Any of those pretenders who might have wanted to smuggle issues over here, did they get?

MNANGAGWA: No, these things happen in society, not everybody is a Priest, so you find these things happen, but we are so alert that we had gone to deal with the things that are relevant to to the Summit which was called, things that were called, this is extra ordinary which means there was a particular subject here to discuss. REUBEN BARWE: Only DRC issues?

MNANGAGWA: Absolutely! REUBEN BARWE: Thank you your Excellency!