Ambitious Employee Tries To Steal from Boss
10 November 2023
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Attempted Fuel Theft Allegedly Orchestrated by Employee Ends in $4,500 Heist*

Davison Sibanda

In an ambitious yet failed attempt at robbery, Davison Sibanda, an employee at Trek in Gwabalanda suburb, stands accused of masterminding a plot to steal vast quantities of diesel and petrol from the fuel station. Following the botched attempt, Sibanda reportedly vanished, absconding with $4,500.

The perplexing incident unfolded on Wednesday night, the designated start of Sibanda’s shift, but he inexplicably went missing. The aggrieved owners of the fuel station have taken legal action, filing a theft case against Sibanda at Luveve Police Station under case number 20/11/23.

Extracted WhatsApp messages and audio recordings from Sibanda’s phone, obtained by B-Metro, shed light on his discussions with an individual identified as Mukanya concerning the planned fuel theft. Sibanda appeared insistent on immediate action, stressing the urgency to carry out the theft that night before the owners’ return.

However, the alleged co-conspirator expressed skepticism about the plan’s success and proposed a postponement. Undeterred, Sibanda adamantly rejected the delay, emphasizing the need to proceed with the intended theft as initially planned.

This incident brings attention to a worrying trend of employee involvement in organized robberies targeting their employers within Bulawayo. Inspector Abdenico Ncube had previously highlighted a surge in inside job-related business thefts, raising concerns about security breaches within companies.

The distressed owners of Trek fuel station are earnestly appealing to the public for any information regarding Sibanda’s whereabouts. They encourage individuals with pertinent details to promptly contact the nearest police station to aid in the ongoing investigation.