Mukupe Sentencing Postponed
11 November 2023
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High Court judge Justice Benjamin Chikowero has postponed the sentencing of former Finance deputy minister Terrence Mukupe, who was convicted on Tuesday for smuggling 138,979 litres of diesel from Mozambique. The sentencing has been deferred to November 16.

In the aggravation phase, the State, represented by Wishes Mabhaudhi and Lovet Masuku, called Zimra auditor Washington Taringa to explain how the tax authority suffered prejudice due to Mukupe’s actions. Taringa highlighted the impact on Zimra’s targets, which are set by the State to fund essential services like schools and clinics. He also emphasized the creation of unfair competition within the industry and the financial loss incurred by Zimra due to the smuggling of goods.

Mukupe, along with Same Kapisoriso, Joseph Taderera, and Leonard Mudzuto, was convicted for conspiring to unlawfully import diesel without paying duty. The group misrepresented that the diesel was intended for offloading in the Democratic Republic of Congo, but they replaced it with water in Zimbabwe. The State estimates a potential revenue loss of US$55,591. The quartet has been remanded in custody pending sentencing.