NGO Backs Mnangagwa’s Married Girlfriend
11 November 2023
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The following is a reponse to an open letter published by an NGO, Womens Coalition Of Zimbabwe comcerning an article over ZANU PF leader, Emmerson Mnangagwa’s married girlfriend, Virginia Mabhiza who was recently promoted to the post of Attorney General.


Dear Women’s Coalition Of Zimbabwe Directors.

Your allegations in your statement refer. We take seriously all complaints raised against our service, and meanwhile,

1. Kindly elaborate and declare the particulars of what you allege is sexist innuendo.

2. Kindly elaborate and declare the particulars of what you allege is harassment

3. Kindly elaborate and declare the particulars of what you allege in the article is defamatory.

4. Why did you rush to claim defamation before performing basics like inquiring from our news desk, on what it is you are in dispute over? Our 24/7 hotline has never been switched off for years to date.

5. What is your policy regarding the rights of deprived women’s access to employment due to favouritism and love-affair-based elitism in the work places? Does your organisation speak for these women?

6. What is your policy regarding the raping, harrassment of women by politicians like Mr Emmerson Mnangagwa in the work places and in the community?

Can you display similar statements like the one you have issued condemning the raping and harrassment of over over 50 women under and or by Mr Emmerson Mnangagwa, and under the watch of Mr Virginia Mabhiza’s judicial services watch, in the last 6 years.

7. Kindly supply your statement over complainants like Susan Mutami.

9. Kindly demonstrate your care if any of the publicly humiliated, defamed and objectified mother of five children, Marry Chiwenga.

10. Can you explain the reason why you have neglected Marry Chiwenga over the years, leaving the burden to journalists who ended up burning their resources to save the situation. Is it not because Marry does not have status like your choice, Virginia Mabhiza?

11. Does your policy support the release and hiring of convicted armed robbers?

We subject our services to both self and institutional regulation.

We maintain that the said article is true, and, or fair comment.


ZimEye Editorial Moderators