Sacred Month Of November – Zimbabwe
13 November 2023
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Happy New lunar month maShona. May the forces be with you!

It is said that our Shona Ancestors return on the first day of the new moon, today, marking the end of Mwedzi waMbubdzi.

In Pre-colonial times (pre-1884), all maShona tribes celebrated this day with kubika doro, appeasing their ancestors and connecting with their ancestors in many special ways. They would eat together, thank God (Musikavanhu), traditional dancing, drumming and singing the night away.

MaShona people knew that their ancestors “Nzeve” (ear) was now paying attention to their requests and wishes. MaShona Ancestors will then gather all these wishes and requests, and the next Mwedzi waMbudzi, go away to the heavens, taking all our requests and wishes to bargain on your behalf to Musikavanhu. This is why November (lunar month) is sacred. Our ancestors are not there to participate in any celebrations we have, they are busy conferencing with God.

On their return today, bikai doro, invite family and friends to eat together, proudly reciting your totem poems, thank God and hope all your prayers, requests and wishes are award in the coming New Lunar Year.

Vane nzveve vanzwa

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