Tendai Biti Exposed By US Woman Over Chamisa Accusations | BREAKING
14 November 2023
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By A Correspondent | A US Womens Rights Director has broken silence to call out the disgruntled barrister and former Harare East MP, Tendai Biti over his accusations that his colleagues in the CCC party crashed his political career earlier this year.

Writing on Monday evening, the outspoken Comfort Dondo said Biti created his own mess from scratch at a time when he could have saved the entire nation from the ZANU PF engineered collapse.

She said Biti had more than capacity to get Emmerson Mnangagwa banned for life from SADC, AU, and UN meetings, and after helping salvage the dictator’s career, it is him (Biti) who’s now been blocked by his own ‘baby,’ ED.

She spoke of how Biti even sabotaged her own attempts at stopping the ongoing abductions happening in Zimbabwe, and the winning legislator, Allan Markham, who Biti has accused of rigging even tried to help him (Biti) execute the Messaiahnic-role back in Sept 2022.

Biti is still to comment over the strong allegations. (click to read)

Meanwhile, she wrote on her Twitter handle saying:

Breaking my silence finally!!!!

Biti come here and deny this, that you turned your back in Sept 2022, when you cared not a thing to save both your career and the lives of Zimbabweans, when you perfectly KNEW that I and other Zimbabweans were stranded in Zambia with your lawyer, as we waited for you.


Tendai Biti you missed a chance to change both the future of the Zim people and your career, on multiple times since Aug 2021, when you flew to Zambia to celebrate HH’s inauguration.
You should have continued your lawsuit against the Zambian government, this time demanding an apology for the state’s role in assisting ED do a coup on Chamisa, in his [the] 2018 forced deportation.
13 months later, now in Sept 2022, I was part of a mission spearheading a facilitation for Biti to launch his case, in a an attempt to beat time and do everything before the 2023 elections.

I spent nearly 2 weeks blowing 7K in Zambia waiting for you to turn up but you dodged even returning phonecalls.

I sat down for 2 hours with
Biti’s Zambian lawyer, who confirmed to me that he (Biti) and colleagues can obtain a Zambia Court UN level verdict that can before end of 2022 get ED de-registered at UN, SADC, and AU institutions over the coup he did between 1st and 9th Aug 2018. This is so since there is clear broadcast evidence that ED overthrew an elected govt at its inception on 1st to 9th Aug 2018, and the crime happened in 2 cities, Harare and Lusaka *culminating in the deportation of Biti. A record of events in Zambia shows with pristine clarity that it was a crime against humanity and part and parcel of Mnangagwa’s coup. There is thus more evidence of an insurrection in 2018 than there is for the 2017 coup, which needs to be cured, or at least announced for what it was/is. Without this UN level announcement, it would be difficult to enter the 2023 polls with changes of winning anything.

Biti looked away from this amazing opportunity.

Fast forwards to March 2023, Biti was phoned multiple times being warned that a ZANU PF businessman he is at loggerheads with has ordered the Justice Ministry to ensure that he fails to contest the 2023 elections. The instructions were very clear, but Biti who could have discouraged that plan did not care to return phonecalls.

How he now seems to blame his CCC colleagues for his failure to contest is just baffling.

Biti could have gotten ED blocked from attending SADC meetings at the earliest opportunity and in 2022, the Senior Zambian diplomat and Mnangagwa childhood friend, Ambassador Vernon Mwaanga emphasises of this: ” A firm commitment to democracy and to the holding of free and fair elections both the African Union and sad C have got very specific provisions to the protocols demanding that all member States should hold free and credible elections, whose outcome should represent the will of the people ….. The will of the people not the will of the leaders but the will of the people, because the people are the centre of democracy, so it has to be understood that as we move forward as a country and as the continent, that we must respect the wishes of the people by not interfering with elections, and by not interfering with people who are actually going to take part in voting the leaders of their choice.

“This is extremely important, unless members of SADC and the AU adhere to these provisions of the OAU; the AU, and SADC are committed to which we are all committed as member states because we approved those provisions, and it’s important that we should not just approve, we should always make sure that the will of the people is respected. “

Ambassador Mwaanga said under normal circumstances, someone like Emmerson Mnangagwa, whose administration recently banned a film that exposes his 2018 coup, should not be allowed into SADC meetings.
I’m personally very disappointed in this kind of politicking at the expense of Zimbabweans.

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