Nero Chibaba
23 November 2023
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When Struggle Is A Birthright: Case Of Nelson Chamisa

By Stephen Sarkozy Chuma

On 17 March 2007, the then MP for Kuwadzana, Nelson Chamisa was left for dead at Harare (now Robert Mugabe) International Airport after he was beaten by state security agents. This is just but one of so many instances the now CCC leader, Advocate Nelson Chamisa was at the receiving brutal hand of the state.

Earlier in his political life, Advocate Chamisa was arbitrarily arrested numerous times when he was a youth leader for the Morgan Tsvangirai led MDC.

Talk of consistency and loyalty to the people cause! When it comes politicians across the divide in this country, one character that is inescapable is Nelson Chamisa.

Despite consistent onslaught and assault from ZANU PF violence machinery, the People’s President as Nelson Chamisa is widely known has remained genuine to the people’s cause. The transformational agenda! The change agenda! A new Great Zimbabwe agenda that seeks prosperity and respect for everyone.

In March 2020, just two years after President Chamisa floored Emmerson Mnangagwa in the 2018 general elections, the ZANUPF strongman went vindictive and seized MDC party offices, finances and name and handed them to Douglas Mwonzora via a dubious Supreme Court judgement.

Their plan was to finish Chamisa!

But alas, at the turn of new year on 24 January 2022, a new political movement was birthed. CCC, a movement with a structureless structure!

Within 2 months of existence the new CCC movement went on to post a big win in the March by-elections despite violence that saw the horrendous murder of CCC activist, Mboneni Ncube at a by-election campaign rally in Mbizo, Kwekwe.

From March 2022 up to 23 August general elections, Emmerson Mnangagwa reverted to the Gukurahundi settings where opposition supporters like Tinashe Chitsungo were murdered as the democratic space was totally shut.

CCC gatherings including internal meetings were criminalized. CCC supporters like the elderly in Murehwa were on the deep and bitter end of ZANU PF brutality.

In a show of unmatched resilience, the movement under the able leadership of Nelson Chamisa surged in popularity. Chamisa’s name became a chorus with citizens chanting “Ngaapinde Hake Mukomana” at every pocket of the country.

Despite FAZ and Mnangagwa’s nocturnal tactics to deny urban voters the right to vote, CCC leader Advocate Nelson out polled the octogenarian.

In a grotesque move, ZEC announced Mnangagwa a winner despite SADC and all election observer missions rubbishing the election as a sham.

To divert people’s attention from demanding fresh elections, Mnangagwa targeted his swords on destroying the people’s new movement. This time they used a new character, one Sengezo Tshabangu who claims to be CCC interim Secretary General.

At a lightning pace and with endorsement from Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government, Tshabangu recalled CCC MPs, councillors and senators, just over 2 months after general elections.

As we have seen in Mabvuku at the burial of murdered CCC activist, Bishop Tapfumaneyi Masaya, Chamisa’s marriage with the masses is showing no signs of divorce despite Tshabangu recalls and ZANU PF attacks.

Change is coming!