USD25 million Missing Qoki Money: Sithule Says New Buses Were Chopped Down By Rats
23 November 2023
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Qoki Luxury Coach Scandal: Sithule Blaming Rats and Shifting Accountability.

By Nancy Ndaba | Sithule Tshuma, the Director of Qoki Luxury Coach, has pointed fingers at rats as the culprits behind the downfall of the coach service. Amidst mounting criticism, Sithule deflects blame onto various parties, including investors and Ezra Tshisa Sibanda, accusing him of stirring up trouble.

Rats chopped down the buses… claim by Sithule Tshuma – graphic image

Sithule remains defiant, refusing to acknowledge allegations of fraudulent activities, deception, bullying tactics and bribery, despite a confession in June 2023 detailing a $4000 bribery per permit.

The so called luxury coach, described by investors as an ‘ancestor bus’ imported from the United Kingdom only in July 2023, has left passengers stranded in the jungle due to frequent breakdowns. Disgruntled passengers are still pursuing refunds, highlighting the dire situation faced by those who entrusted Qoki Luxury Coach with their travel.

The controversy escalates as Sithule takes to the Bulawayo Revival Team forum, attacking Ezra Tshisa Sibanda and likening his actions to shaking a jar of red and black ants. The Mthwakazi community, consisting of nearly 450 respected individuals, becomes a battleground for accusations and blame-shifting.

Despite Sithule’s attempt to divert attention, the crumbling projects of Qoki raise questions about her accountability and the future of the luxury coach service. The excuse of rats causing the downfall adds a bizarre twist to a narrative already riddled with controversy and dissatisfaction among Coach investors and passengers.