Woman Loses Eye In Fight Over Boyfriend
23 November 2023
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A fight over a man by two women from Mabvuku suburb in Harare ended badly when the “girlfriend” had her left eye permanently damaged.

The legally married wife, Mellisa Mhishi (23), is alleged to have used a broken bottle to attack Ngonidzashe Kureva (18), who she suspected of dating her husband.

Mhishi appeared before Harare magistrate Mr Simon Kandiyero yesterday and pleaded guilty to assault.

She will be sentenced today.

Prosecuting, Ms Faith Mandizha told the court that on November 17 at around 6am at a bus stop near Kasi Kasi Bar in New Mabvuku, Harare, Kureva was approached by Mhishi who accused her of having a love affair with her husband.

They started fighting and Mhishi took a bottle and cut Kureva’s left eye.

A medical report was produced in court to confirm the degree of injury sustained by Kureva.