Biti’s ArchEnemy Evicted from Own Home
1 December 2023
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Mashwede Faces Eviction from Luxurious Home

The man instrumental in the removal of former CCC MP for Harare East, Tendai Biti, Alex Mashamhanda, commonly known as Mashwede, is now battling against eviction from one of his opulent residences.

The High Court’s recent decision, upholding Barriade Investments as the rightful owner, has left Mashamhanda in a precarious position. The ruling by Justice Maxwell Takuva this week has spurred an appeal from Mashamhanda, who, through his legal counsel Mr Kudzai Rangarirai, expressed disappointment in the verdict but affirmed their respect for the legal process.

Mr Rangarirai stated, “We believe our client has a solid case, and this matter is of national importance, shedding light on issues affecting citizens who, due to limited resources, have silently endured hardships with no recourse.”

Comparing Mashamhanda’s situation to that of former Education Minister Dzingai Mutumbuka, Rangarirai emphasized the potential for the judiciary to address prevailing irregularities in government institutions.

Barriade Investments had taken legal action against Mashamhanda, seeking possession of the property in Highlands. Despite Mashamhanda acquiring the residence through a judicial auction in September 2017, the Supreme Court’s February 2022 ruling exposed fraudulent transactions involving the previous owner, Piwayi Chiutsi, a lawyer.

Justice Takuva’s recent ruling confirmed Barriade as the rightful owner, citing the extant Supreme Court judgment. The eviction order against Mashamhanda was granted, with the judge highlighting Mashamhanda’s refusal to vacate the property despite the ownership dispute’s resolution.

As Mashamhanda faces possible eviction from his luxurious home, the legal battle intensifies, with an impending appeal to the Supreme Court and an application for direct access to the Constitutional Court on the horizon. The ramifications of this case extend beyond the property dispute, resonating as a potential catalyst for addressing broader issues affecting citizens and government institutions.