Mliswa Opens A Pandora Box On Doug Munatsi
1 December 2023
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Former Member of Parliament (MP) Temba Mliswa has raised concerns about the continued silence of State Security agencies regarding the death of Zimbabwe Investment and Development Agency (ZIDA) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Doug Munatsi, who perished in a mysterious fire two years ago.

Munatsi was discovered dead at his upscale Northfields Flat in Harare following a reported explosion. The circumstances surrounding his demise prompted speculation and conspiracy theories when it was revealed that the fire did not cause his death, and he bore scars on his feet and hands.

There were also reports suggesting that Munatsi was scheduled to present a report on Zimbabwe’s Land Audit to President Mnangagwa shortly before his untimely death, further fueling conjecture.

Mliswa expressed his dissatisfaction with the lingering silence, stating, “For who he was and the bond we shared as brothers, it would be inappropriate and immoral to remain silent when answers are yet to be provided regarding his death. I will persist in seeking answers to bring honor to his memory.”

He continued, “The absence of information has allowed numerous conspiracy theories to circulate, and it is understandable why this is the case. The unresolved questions surrounding his death demand diligent efforts from any self-respecting nation to provide answers.”

Highlighting Munatsi’s dedication to Zimbabwe as the CEO of ZIDA, Mliswa remarked, “Doug, in his role as CEO of the Zimbabwe Investment and Development Agency, was driven by patriotism; he didn’t need that job. I advised him that he should only aspire to be one of two things: Minister of Finance or Permanent Secretary in the same Ministry. Those were the roles befitting him.”

President Emmerson Mnangagwa had provided a State-assisted funeral for Munatsi and expressed hope for a swift conclusion to the investigations. Mnangagwa had stated in 2021, “As we await the completion of Police investigations into this fatal fire incident, may they continue to find comfort and solace in the visible footprints the late departed made in serving the country.”

The investigation into Munatsi’s death was assigned the case number IR 112047 under the jurisdiction of ZRP Harare Central.