“Reject Mthuli Ncube’s budget”: LEAD President Linda Masarira
1 December 2023
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Most ordinary houses in low residential areas and medium density areas in Zimbabwe are, on average, worth 100 000USD and that will mean every person owning a house will be compelled to lay this so called wealth tax.

The proposed wealth/mansion tax should be reviewed to 250 000USD so that ordinary Zimbabweans are not choked by these unending taxes.

If this amount is not reviewed upwards, the burden of the wealth tax is going to be pushed to the tenants of those houses thereby rentals will increase whilst salaries remain stagnant. Rentals will become unaffordable to the middle class.

The middle class will move to the high density areas and offer to pay slightly higher rentals, pushing out those dwelling in high density areas, and a housing crisis will evolve. Tenants are already struggling with the ever skyrocketing rentals, and the introduction of such a tax is just knsenstive to the plight of ordinary Zimbabweans struggling to make ends meet.

We would have expected to see a review of the land tax. We have many wealthy people with vast lands who are not paying a dune in taxes. Thus, every farm above 100 hectares should pay a certain amount of land tax. This would deal with issues of productivity and multiple farm ownership very quickly.

This budget will further sink Zimbabwe into deeper murky waters of quagmire. A budget must be production driven, not tax driven.

In conclusion, this budget is antipeople and should be rejected.