Police Arrive As Evidence Chihera Nearly Bashed On LIVE Camera, As It Were
2 December 2023
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By Showbiz Reporter | The sociallite, Evidence Chihera had a near violence experience yesterday during an incident when South African police officers had arrived to intervene in a scuffle between her and popular community presenter, Sisi Melly.

The argument was over a live video Chihera is accused of doing that is said to harrass Melly.

“You are cutting me while I am talking,” says Evidence Chihera in the faceshot live footage.

“Why are you raising your voice now?,” asks Sis Melly. She continues saying,

“But I am just finishingthe story,” she continues.

“The recent live you did yesterday… no, you don’t close the door… I will panel beat you.. Ndokumamisa Chihera.. I will re arrange your face now!” adds Melly as she charges.

She then asks the officers how much the fine will be for assaulting Chihera.